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The TWISTED TUBE(R) Heat Exchanger

Time for an Efficient Alternative

TWISTED TUBE(R) technology offers:

» improved heat transfer
» reduced number and size of items
» eliminates vibration
» reduced fouling
» true counter-current flow
» no baffles
» lower pressure drop

Take the highest advantage of TWISTED TUBE(R) technology by exchanging tube bundles:
» no reconfigurations of appliances
» suited for various types of construction
» the right solution for various problem situations

Made to be different.

We have specialised in the demanding task of solving problems for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. By its innovative design performances were be altered to a previously unattained high level. Hundreds of TWISTED TUBE(R) heat exchangers are serving various functions since 1985. 

Over time TWISTED TUBE(R) technology has proven itself more efficient, more reliable and more accurate than other existing kind of heat exchanger. 

Our clients are guaranteed maximum performance through constant research and development of the product.

Further information can be acquired at your request or under www.kochheattransfer.com