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What we offer

Besides the planning and construction of standard heat exchangers and tube bundles in accordance to the established TEMA types we also provide special constructions Helixchanger(R) and Twisted Tube Heatexchanger(R) as part of our portfolio.

We supply both complete new pressure appliances with CE certfication and exchange parts in adherence to DGRL standards.

Furthermore we are happy to undertake retubings and overhauls, repair work or the exchange of nozzles for you.

Unplanned shutdowns or regular turnaround examinations lays proof to our velocity and our strengths in service. Our specialised assembly facilities and our experienced and qualified staff offer the fastest possible service for you in order to keep your plant up and running without any delay.

Through the provision of our coordinators clients profit from our experience and our immediate maintenance concepts. Decision making processes within your departments will therefore become simpler and faster.

We also offer thorough and varied consulting to our clients. Whether by swift advice over the phone or as part of a personal on-site meeting; we are here for you.

Heat ExchangerTwisted Tube ®Helixchanger ®

Repairs / Tube Replacement / Shutdown Management for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Time universally is money and loss of production can be costly. Our technical set-up allows us to undertake tube replacement at very short notice.

The corresponding heat exchanger components (channel, shell, floating heads) can also be repaired or modified accordingly over short periods of time. We are for instance able to dissect tube bundles of up to 1300 mm diameter with one singular saw cut.

Because we have specialised on shell-and-tube heat exchanger we can undertake retubing, short-term new construction, machining of gasket surfaces, weldoverlay and lathing, plugging, the exchange of anodes, adjustment of bundles and the replacement of rails, braces and baffles, the milling of tubes, notching and many more tasks flexibly and in accordance to singular demand. Reliability, experience, flexibility and velocity are our strengths.

Service sans compromise

Wherever the problem may lie – we have the correct solution to it. In case of emergencies we are also active for you at night and during weekends.

Turnarounds / Shut Downs

During planned or unplanned shut downs repairs and rebuilds under immense temporal pressure can occur at any time. Mayr & Wilhelm can show its strengths and capacities here. Our flexibility and our short paths of communication recommend us as a reliable and competent partner. Many refineries count on us over years as a partner for turnarounds. Ask for our list of references. We will gladly send our most experienced staff members to your disposal.

Convince yourself of our high performance level. We lead the way in tube replacement, repairs and rebuilds.