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The HELIXCHANGER ® differs form a standard TEMA type by its baffle design.

In contrast to conventional design the Helix’s deflectors are arranged helically to significant advantages.

Substantial advantages of the Helix:
» increased heat transfer coefficient
» lower pressure drop
» very low fouling
» less prone to vibrations

In conclusion this results in longer service life and higher performance at equal dimensions by exchange of tube bundle for you.

For your safety:
» Mayr & Wilhelm continually manufactures HELIXCHANGERS ® as a licensee to CB&I (formerly ABB Lummus) since 1998
» Process technological re-evaluation and guaranteed performance levely by CB&I
» We also undertake retubing and maintenance for HELIXCHANGERS ®
» The use of replacement helix design bundles is non-problematic and neither alters the clamp lengths nor the connections

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