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We offer customised heat exchanger especially for your cases.

Your highest requirements are met because we exclusively specialise in shell-and-tube heat exchangers for refineries and major chemical industry. Special requisitions by your work process conditions will be translated by us to your own guidelines.

Sour gas requirements, H2S or Phosgen service are daily routine for us; whether you require a device as an HD-preheater, falling film evaporator, sulphur condensator, oil cooler, reactor or any other area of operation.

We offer heat exchangers according all existing TEAM types or your own special requirements

» with fixed tubesheet or removeable tube bundle
» with bare tubes (seamless or longitudianally welded)
» with longitudinal or circumferentially finned tubes (high or low)
» with weldoverlay, exposion cladding, internal coating or polishing
» as a U-tube bundle or with floating head (bolted or welded)
» steam dome, condensate sump, hypothermic zones or link heating

We use various technical standards, codes, rules and guidlines, non destructive tests and kind of materials to manufacture the shell-and-tube heat exchanger that matches your requirements best.

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Feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist with any queries or problems you may have.